Dacca Overseas

The largest footwear supplier and sourcing agent in Bangladesh.

A one stop supply solution for your business, from order to your destination.

DACCA OVERSEAS LIMITED is a specialized footwear supplier & sourcing agent, acting as a one stop supply solution for brands and retailers worldwide. From product development to the delivery of footwear, we take care of the entire supply process.

As the pioneer supplier & sourcing agent in Bangladesh, we offer both OEM and ODM footwear production services. Ranging from 20,000 pairs/design bulk production to exclusive 50 pairs/design production, we offer the best quality-for-price ratio internationally.


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What makes a great footwear supplier?

  • A potential client asks this question every so often. What’s great about Dacca Overseas Limited?
  • • As an efficient footwear supplier, we always guarantee you are producing at the lowest prices internationally for any of your footwear styles.
  • • We offer input throughout the supply process, advising as we go from production to packaging to shipment.
  • • As a footwear supplier, we should have expert quality control agents. We exceed expectations by never having a single complain about quality, since the inception of our business.
  • • Dacca Overseas always appreciates feedback from our clients as we know it the best way to improve.
  • • We maintain a strict no child labour/forced worker policy. We only produce in factories that adhere to our rules.
  • • Dacca Overseas is one of the few footwear suppliers in Bangladesh that is fully compliant with the Bangladesh Labour (Amendment) Act 2013.

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